A word.

We know you love circus arts, and that you would like us to come perform at your birthday/street fair/corporate party/holiday fling. Your party is going to be great! But your party needs a budget for entertainment. Circus arts are expensive – we require insurance, costumes, makeup, rehearsal, training time, and people wiling to learn death defying, complex skills for your entertainment. To that end, we do not ask our artists to perform for free. We do offer reduced rates for a limited number of nonprofit events per year, and we love to exchange favors and barter with local folks for valuable services (valuable = usable. Massages, yes! Coupon discounts for stores, no. “Exposure,” no, no, no). If you’re about to contact us with a budget of less than $300, please prepare your pitch of why you are the most awesome/creative/giving/interesting/generous thing that has happened to Charleston this year, so we can evaluate our resources and try to work with you accordingly. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!